Wood lathe Parts: Accessories and Components Explained

The wood lathe parts are very complicated and many in numbers. This article is about the parts of lathe machine, which will give you brief information about each part and its importance. Read the article below to get to know more:

Wood lathe Parts


Alike every machine’s base and foundation, the wood lathe machine, too has a base which is known as “Bed.” On this bed, the operation is done, and different parts are mounted. The bed has to handle the whole operation, and so it is made of semi-steel and steel crap. To form a heavy rigid structure, the base is built very strong.


The headstock is the head of the lathe. It is the section where all the power and action of the lathe machine starts. Along with this, at the end of the motor, you can find tension pulley and drive belt too. This is dependent on the making and the model of the lathe machine.

Headstock Spindle

The headstock spindle is the threaded extrusion from the headstock. There are two significant measurements of the spindle. The first one is the thread size and the thread count. The second one is the morse taper. You can find a diagrammatic description of the tools with the given user manual booklet.

Headstock Handwheel

The headstock handwheel is on the left side of the headstock. The handwheel helps to rotate the lathe quickly and smoothly. One can get the electronic handwheel and manual handwheel both. The handwheel also helps the wood lathe machine to slow down soon after it is turned off.

Index wheel

The index wheel is located on the inner side of the headstock and near the spindle. For the lathe machine, the index wheel is the guide that measures the degrees of rotation. This is the most advanced feature in the modern wood lathe machine. I would recommend everyone to use the index wheel to mark the locations.

Tip: before turning off the lathe machine, loosen the index pin to prevent problems.

Tool rest/Carriage/Banjo

The most significant support to the lathe machine is the tool rest. It is attached to the bed, and you can also call it carriage or banjo. Tool rest structure is the best-supporting formation that holds every important tool. The banjo has its locking lever to be at a position on the lathe bed.

Power and speed control

The power and speed control is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the machine. The speed control and power button have a fixed position on the lathe. With the emerging techniques, some machines can move towards the location with just access.


You will find the tailstock on the right side of the wood lathe machine. It can slide back and forth across the lathe bed. The main motive of the tailstock is to secure the lathe rails. It is mounted to the lathe bed rails and is very firm.

Tailstock live center

The live center is located at the top left of the tailstock. Interestingly, the live center is also called quill.

Tailstock handwheel

When you see towards the extreme right side of the tail stock. You can find a tailstock handwheel. It is the support and handler of the tailstock. It locks and holds the spindle intact.


During the massive operation, carriage holds and supports the tools. Majorly, it serves the purpose of guiding and supporting the tools against the job. It consists of parts like a saddle, cross-slide, compound rest tool post, and apron. One of the most important parts of a wood lathe machine.


As said above. The saddle is one of the parts of carriage. The saddle slides along the bed and supports the tool post, compound rest, and cross-slide.


Whenever there is a need for cutting action to the tool during the operation, a cross slide function is used to cut. The mechanism works in perpendicular to the center and improves the edges.

Compound rest

The compound rest has a circular base with a swiveling function. It is placed over the cross slides and gives massive support during the operation. Your wood lathe specially needs this.


The tool post is holding the topmost part of the carriage, and it is also known as the tool holder. During the operation, the tool post’s primary function is to hold and gather tools firmly. If the tool post doesn’t work functionally, then there might be uneven cuts, and even the operation can stop there itself.


The apron has a major role in the operation. It is fastened to the front of the saddle and makes a selection/controlling of the gears. Without apron selection, the carriage is not allowed to power the bed. It has a very rigid mechanism, and controls are sophisticated. It is on the front side of the lathe bed, which is useful in providing power to cross slide and carriage.


The wood lathe machine is cumbersome, and to carry the load of the device is difficult. The legs support and take the load of the machine entirely. The legs are secured to the base with bolts to prevent the vibrations during the operation. It has a very robust construction on both sides of the machine.

So these are the major parts of the wood lathe machine through which machine operates efficiently and smoothly. I hope you would have liked the article and learned about the parts of the machine.

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